The Goldilocks Principle is alive and well at Whitehall Homes.  Our goal is always to deliver your "just right".

How to maximize effectiveness while minimizing redundancy and excessive scope on the "too much" side, and avoiding incomplete or inaccurate communication on the "too little" side requires leadership, training and state of the art systems.

Leading a team that includes Architects, Designers, Sub-trades, Retailers and Suppliers requires the expertise of a skilled organization which includes Project Coordinators, Site Supervisors, Carpenters, Labourers and Accountants.  Our team is trained to understand the importance of communication, forward planning and continuous improvements.  Most importantly, we never lose sight of our main mission - deliver the new home or renovation that exceeds your expectations.

We also understand this is a creative process that should be, a little bit of fun...

Our employees have interest in design, boat building, photography and of course hockey.  Many of these interest cross over in ways both direct and nuanced in the outcome of a project.  You might ask - why hockey?  Well... we have built an ice rink, and a few other unexpected things...

“Can you build me a pigeon coup?”  We did.  Happy pigeon Clients are the result.!

“I bought a bathtub in London, England and its old - 1700's, heavy and requires special plumbing.  Will it be a problem?”  Only if we made it one, which we didn’t.

“Can you build and install a kitchen in Brooklyn?”  Sure, we love NY.

We are adept at setting up raccoon safety traps on the job site, release in the park and... repeat.

“I want to paint it to look like...”  You name it, we've heard it!

“I found these great toilets in Poland!”  No problem!

“I’m thinking this old bucket would make a great sink?”  It did.

We work hard to achieve "just right".