I lay awake at night, so you don’t have to...

I love what I do. The smell of dust, the framing of a wall, the buzz of completion and best of all – the joy experienced by the Client when their dreams and hard earned dollars materialize into a reality, better than imagined.

The company I dreamed about years ago, has also materialized.  My approach to building Whitehall grew out of my own realization that construction itself had profoundly changed.  The horror stories in the industry are the result of contractors continuing to operate the same way as one might have fifty years ago in an environment that has dramatically changed.  The challenges of modern day construction cannot be met with a team of one - with a truck.  Staying current with state of the art software, LEED initiatives, product development, as well as managing the many moving parts that must come together to keep a project on budget and on task, requires a professionally trained team, dedicated to building your house like it was their own.  If you are looking for a contractor to provide you with a realistic view, combined with a detailed plan of what it will take to build your project, we are the one.

Most importantly, we listen.  We listen to you.  Every Client has different needs, concerns and desires.  Listening, understanding and adapting those wishes into your project is the definition of my own personal mission statement and that of my company.

The most common fear I hear from Clients is what happens when something goes wrong, especially after the project is done.  Complex projects generally result in something that can in fact go wrong.  Our commitment to you does not stop when the project does.  We build our reputation on service and fostering long term relationships as well as providing solutions without acrimony.  I understand that peace of mind comes from knowing you won't be left out in the cold... or the wet... or any other calamity that can happen to your home.

Our projects have included a broad range of architectural styles and Client needs. Is your project a sensitive development in a historical area?  Or perhaps a modern and sleek new build with the need for understanding of the newest design principles?  Maybe you seek to reinterpret a historical house in a modern way.  We have addressed these mandates and many more and risen to the challenges each represent.

Building has challenges. We know how to meet them. Sweet dreams.

Dave Farris