Maybe I would be better off with just a small shop?
Remember Goldilocks?  Too small.  Too large.  Just right.

Many projects result in a Gantt chart with well over 1,000 moving parts. The team typically includes an architect, designer, sub-trades, craftsman, retailers, suppliers and of course you. Managing a team this varied requires expertise at all levels. That is why our team of Project Coordinators, Site Supervisors, Carpenters, Labourers, Safety Coordinators, Accountants and of course me… keep communication flowing and the project moving while working to make the experience for you an easy one. “Back of the envelope in the truck management” doesn’t cut it when preparing detailed tenders or sourcing difficult materials while providing onsite supervision. We provide value for your construction fee – our professional team, disciplined process and access to the best sub-trades, suppliers and retailers in the business.

Our employees have interest in design, boat building, photography, and of course hockey. Many of these interests cross over in ways both direct and nuanced in the outcome of a project. Hockey? Well….we have built an ice rink… and a few other unexpected things…….

“Can you build me a pigeon coup?” We did, the pigeons love it!

“I bought a bathtub in London, England and its old, 1700’s and heavy and requires special plumbing, problem?” Only if we make it one, which we didn’t.

“Can you build and install a kitchen in Brooklyn?” Sure, we love NY.

Safely trap racoons on the job site, release in the park, repeat.

“I want to paint it to look like….” you name it here, we have heard it!

“I found these great toilets in Poland!” No problem!

“I’m thinking this old bucket would make a great sink?” It did.